Biodiversity and Conservation

Bridging physiology and ecology: the power of functional traits (Alizee Mauffrey)

A key aim of the BPS at its formation in 1952 was to record and map the seaweeds of the British Isles which culminated in Hardy & Guiry (2003), A Checklist and Atlas of the Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland.  We are increasingly concerned about changes to the seaweed flora due to climate change, increase in non-native species and a range of other factors. We are therefore keen to encourage you to help us with this challenge by uploading your seaweed records here.  Records will be verified by experts and shared via the NBN Atlas so that they can be used for research, education and conservation.

Our knowledge of the distribution of freshwater/subaerial algae lags far behind that of seaweeds.  It has not been possible to determine the conservation status and map the distribution of freshwater algae due to the absence of reliable site-specific records, with the exception of stoneworts. We are therefore keen to encourage you to upload your records here to enable us in future to follow distributional changes linked to  pollution, habitat loss, climate change and other factors.

Please head to to contribute to our ongoing project to map the seaweeds of the British Isles and to submit freshwater algae records, or to for a guide to the Diatom Flora of the British Isles.