Canter-Lund 2022 – Voting

Welcome to the voting page for the 2022 Hilda Canter-Lund photography competition of the British Phycological Society. This process is designed to to select a winner and runner up for the Competition.  When voting, please remember that the competition was established to honour a photographer who combined high technical and aesthetic qualities whilst still capturing the quintessence of the organisms she was studying and that we are looking for authenticity and honesty in the image, so as not to deceive or misrepresent the natural world to the viewer.  

Voting process – Anyone is eligible to vote. You have two votes, and can only place 1 vote per category (micro or macro). Voting will open after the close of image submissions on 20 May 2022. Voting will close at midnight (British Summer Time) on 10 June 2022.

How to vote – As you navigate through the gallery of images below, ensure that you navigate between the two categories to place your two votes. Please click on an image that you wish to vote on, immediately below the enlarged image will be a star. Click the star and it will register your vote. If you do not see a star below an image you have clicked on, please refresh your browser or if using a mobile device, use a computer. If you want to undo one of your votes, then please use the back arrow that appears near the star when you have voted, you will be free to vote for another image. Please do not manipulate the vote, whilst basic protections are used to restrict the number of votes per person to two, the BPS Council reserve the right to overrule the public vote if evidence of manipulation is found.

If you have any issues with the voting system, please contact the webmaster ( with the name of the images that you wish to vote for and these votes can be registered for you.

2022 voting is now closed

Gallery and voting

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over