Canter-Lund 2024 – Gallery Shortlist

Welcome to the 2024 shortlist for the Hilda-Canter Lund competition. Please vote and comment for your favorite images, you have two votes with one in the micro category and one in the macro category. You can switch between the two categories by using the category selector buttons just above the image gallery (note the tick mark shows which category is currently selected, if no tick mark then both categories are shown by default).

Votes are placed by clicking on the Star on the images you select. Please note that you will not be able to see the vote count on the images, you will only see your own vote (with the option to undo), and each vote is tracked by IP address and a cookie to protect against repeated voting, so if you have not accepted the cookie consent banner on the bottom of the website, or denied access to cookies then you may have issues voting.

Voting closes July 5th, at midnight UK time.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over