The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) are requesting contributions of any records of newly introduced non-native species to Great Britain over the last year or so. CEH would like to ensure that the GB Non-native species information portal is kept as current as possible. This will help in understanding how many of these species are present in Britain, and the rate at which they are spreading.

Please see for more details of this project and a summary for each of the species on the register. 

You can record any non-native species online through iRecord (external link). 

The names and any additional available details of newly introduced species will be added to the species register if they are not already included.

You can also send a non-native species record by email or post to:

The Biological Records Centre 
CEH Wallingford 
Maclean Building 
Crowmarsh Gifford 
OX10 8BB

As well as the species name, it would be helpful if you have time to add any of the following details:
*       When it was first recorded
*       Where it was first recorded
*       The current distribution of the species in Great Britain
*       The native range of the species
*       Reference citation if applicable
*       Is the species considered established?
Please include only those species whose arrival has been aided by human activity.
It would also be very helpful to note if any the recent non-native introductions already on the list have now become established.