Tropical Phyconomy Coalition Development Online Workshop Series: Tropical Seaweed Cultivation

Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS), Makassar in conjunction with GENIALG announce an online workshop on challenges facing eucheumatoid seaweed farming (phyconomy) in sub-tropical and tropical waters around the globe.

This workshop is FREE TO ATTEND thanks to the generous support of MARSAVE, GENIALG and IDEALG. All that is requested is your time and active participation. All presentations are made available online to registered participants for pre-viewing and review. You are encouraged to interact with speakers in advance, via a specially designed forum and to participate fully in the 2x4hr workshops. 

The meeting format comprises presenters’ online videos available from 21st May 2021 and two half-day (4 hour) interactive sessions starting 14.00 (2pm) Makassar time on 7th and 8th July. Experts from around the world in the science of selected red seaweed reproduction and production and applications have been invited to share their experiences for the common good. Their information is not only relevant to practitioners, processors, academics, and regulators within tropical regions – but there are also many important lessons learned and best practices of benefit to others growing seaweeds commercially elsewhere in the world. 

The workshop will specifically bring together centres of excellence in seaweed studies with potential collaborators and also some funding opportunities will be announced.

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