In late 2020, Culture Collection for Algae and Protozoa applied for and successfully received just over £500k funding from NERC’s World Class Large-Scale Research Infrastructure scheme to set up CCAP’s Algal Research, Innovation and Environmental Science centre (CCAP-ARIES).

This facility offers new capability to grow and harvest hundreds of litres of culture and carry out metabolomic and genomic analyses. This is in response to the increased community need for larger volumes, biomass and genomic and phenotype data of a larger number of algal species for environmental and biotechnological research. Over the year, we have been purchasing, establishing, and beta-testing the equipment and work-flow processes. We are now ready to formally launch the service to the science community.

The launch will be a blended mini-symposium located at the SAMS and CCAP premises. There will be in-person presentations that will also be live-streamed for remote viewing. We will provide tours of CCAP facilities, before a ribbon cutting event to open the ARIES facility. 

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