The Phycologist

What is it?

With a distribution to over 400 members and other researchers at international meetings, The Phycologist is an important forum through which the BPS can communicate with members and in which members can raise issues, request information, publicise phycological activities and research, in an informal format.

All types of relevant material will be considered, including job advertisements, scientific reports, book reviews, news items of topical interest, meeting announcements, grant awards, research news, promotions, appointments, profiles of eminent phycologists and obituaries. If you are interested in submitting material that does not fall within any of these broad categories, or you are unsure of the appropriateness of a potential article, then feel free to contact the editor. Suggestions for future articles or a series of articles are also welcomed.

Accessing The Phycologist

Members who have a subscription can access the latest copies of The Phycologist through your “Member Area” (top menu bar when logged in), followd by “My Membership”, and then “Benefits”, or more directly via this link once you are logged in. Everyone can access our back issue catalogue that extends back to 1971 here.

Submission of Copy

Copy submitted for publication in ‘The Phycologist’ should be concise and informative. Articles must be scientifically sound, as jargon-free as possible and written in a readable scientific magazine style. Unless absolutely essential, references should not be included.

Copy should be submitted, preferably as attachments to e-mail or on disc (MS Word for Windows or Rich Text Format). Illustrations and photos to accompany copy should be supplied as JPEG or TIFF file no less than 600 dpi resolution. Images to be considered for the front cover are also welcomed. The editor reserves the right to edit the material before final publication.


Dr Amanda Burson, University of Nottingham, Sir Clive Granger, Park Campus, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

For enquiries please use:

Annual Deadlines

1st March for Spring issue, and the 1st September for Autumn issue.