Here are downloadable PNG and Adobe Illustrator versions of the Society’s logo. Students in particular should use them in presentations and posters when funded by the Society.

New Logos (2019)

The colors used in the Volvox logo are: 1) Large bright green circles – #a6ce39 (R: 166, G: 206, B:57), outline – #009444 (R: 0, G: 148, B: 68). 2) Large red circle – #ed1c24 (R: 237, G: 28, B: 36), outline – #231f20 (R: 35, G: 31, B: 32). 3) Small circles – #62c3a5 (R: 98, G: 195, B: 165), outline – #00a79d (R: 0, G: 167, B: 157). Text, the font used is Minion Pro (semi-bold for the main text), provided by Adobe. Colours are: 1) #00b385 (R: 0, G: 179, B: 133). 2) #ed1c24 (R: 237, G: 28, B: 36).

Higher resolution and editable versions


Old Logos (< 2019)

The logo (left) includes a diagrammatic representation of a coccolithophorid such as Emiliania huxleyi. The two right-hand images show scanning electron microcopic images of this species. The second image from the left is a coccolithophorid from a plate in a publication* by Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895, known as “Darwin’s Bulldog”) showing a very early picture of a coccolithophorid from the North Atlantic.

* Huxley, T.H. (1868). On some organisms living at great depths in the North Atlantic Ocean. Quarterly Journal of Microscopial Science, New Series 8: 203-212, pl. IV.