Location: SAMS Oban

Contract Type: Fixed Term- 2.5 years

Salary range: £28,331 – £31,866 per annum

Apply and more information here: https://sams.myciphr247.com/JobSearch.aspx

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) are looking for an enthusiastic individual to carry out research on the metabolome, genome and physiology of Antarctic snow algae isolates and communities, and the nutrient chemistry of their habitats. The post is a crucial part of a new NERC-funded project to understand the physiology and distribution of snow algae blooms across the whole of Antarctica. You will work in close collaboration with partners at the British Antarctic Survey, University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge.https://www.sams.ac.uk/science/projects/saga/

They are looking for an articulate experimental worker with practical experience in either microalgae physiology (e.g. culturing, bioreactors, growth, gas exchange), biochemistry (e.g. GCMS, HPLC) and/or genomics (eg. rbcL, ITS, 18S barcoding). You will produce high quality results to advance the project, present at conferences and publish results in high impact journals.

The post is laboratory and desk based but opportunities to carry out Antarctic fieldwork can be explored.

Interested? SAMS would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have before progressing through the application process. Please feel free to contact Matt.Davey@sams.ac.uk  – Principal Investigator for the project – with your questions and to request further information.

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