13 – 16 September 2021, Online

THE ROYAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY are running an online course over four half-days. It will cover the basics of analysis for a number of different applications including antibody phenotyping, DNA and cell cycle kinetics, cell proliferation and death, and functional studies. There will also be the opportunity to explore high-dimensional analysis using dimensionality reduction and clustering techniques.

Pre-recorded lectures will be provided in advance of the meeting with live small group practical sessions in the afternoons.  It will run in the afternoon UK time to make it more accessible to those in other time zones (14:00 GMT/15:00 CET/09:00 EST).

Delegates will be able to use data files (which will be provided) and follow along with directed analysis by the course demonstrators. Analysis will be performed in either FlowJo or FCS Express and Applications specialists will also form part of the demonstrator team.

This course is open to all and is suitable for those who are relatively new to flow cytometry and who wish to expand their experience with applications and specific analysis.

Visit the RMS website for further information and registration https://www.rms.org.uk/rms-event-calendar/2021-events/virtual-flow-cytometry-data-course-autumn-2021.html